Benhaim Family winery

Ben Haim is a family-run boutique winery whose roots go back to early 20 th century Europe. Throughout the generations, the family has remained devoted the wine industry, working as barrel makers, vintners and wine traders.


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Retail + Wine


“New [technology] tools … are transforming the way consumers want to shop, ” says Anne Zybowski, vice president of retail insights at Kantar Retail.

** 15 most important questions, what a winery needs to look at before approaching a distributor **

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Incoterms rules


Incoterms are trade terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that are commonly used in both international and domestic trade contracts. Incoterms, short for “International Commercial Terms,” are used to make international trade easier by helping traders in different countries understand one another. Incoterms were first developed in 1936 and are updated from time to time, in order to conform to current trade
practices. Because of these updates, contracts should specify which version of Incoterms they are using (e.g., Incoterms 2010).


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